The Getty Center

For Art Enthusiasts and those who want to seem like Art Enthusiasts

The Getty was one of the first places I visited when I got to LA, mostly for its proximity to UCLA. After having a few Art History courses under my belt, I can actually say that I'm one of those people who willingly go to museums to actually enjoy the art. I find a sense of peace in just walking the halls and learning about life from different perspectives through time. I know, I know. *Nerd Alert*

If you are like me and enjoy the art, then the Getty is no stranger to you. However, if you were like my friend Nandhini who just came with me for the photo ops, I'm here to convince you that a trip to the Getty is definitely still worthwhile. The admission is free! How much more worthwhile can you get than free admission? 

There are great photo opportunities not only in front of the art, but also around the exterior of the Getty Center. The museum sits on the top of the Santa Monica Mountains and gives you 360 degree views of the city surrounding it. The exterior of the Getty Center is made of 1.2 million square feet of imported Italian travertine. This rock is a great background for the textured Insta pic.

 My favorite part of the Getty Center will always be the garden. The multicolored flowers are somehow always in bloom and everything you're trying to figure out kind of fades away into the peaceful moment. If you're a hopeless romantic like I am, start the year off by making a wish in the Getty fountain. I wished for a year of growth and prosperity, and that's exactly what I got.

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Check out the Getty Center Website for more info about visiting the Getty!