Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Millenial Pink LA spelled with one N?

In the fast-paced millennial world, we are guilty of being desensitized to things way too quickly. As a fun little twist, we decided to have MPLA only have one N so  you're forced to always take a double take. (And...M learned to always spell-check BEFORE you buy an expensive url...)

Can you reach out to us for a review?

Yes! We love hearing about new hidden gems that deserve the spotlight. Send us a message on the "Contact Us" section and we'll get back to you!

How do we choose the places we write about?

Lots of research. We talk to long-time Angelenos and get their take on their favorite spots and cross-check it with our resident tourists to see if they would be interested.

Why did we start this website?

It started off as a monthly brunch between Kes and M. We would post cool pictures, and we would get tons of questions about the locations we went to. We realized that we were doing crazy amounts of research to find worthwhile spots to check  out in LA.We brought Chris on board as our secret weapon of all things authentic LA, and MPLA was born.