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Bird's Eye View of the City of Angels

Picture this:

The Sun is slowly setting on the horizon while your private plane rounds about the Hollywood sign. As the orange rays begin to glint off the airplane wings, you soar over the concrete jungle of Downtown LA. You pass iconic LA destinations like the Staples Center, the Hollywood Bowl, and Universal Studios (my personal favorite) from above and you are overcome with a sense of peace and nostalgia that can only make you reminisce about how lucky you are to be alive on this beautiful planet.

Well, that's exactly how it feels to take a ride with Air Discovery LA! Alex was a great pilot who made the flight fun and memorable. We took this flight as a birthday present for one of our closest friends, and it was nothing short of magical. The 30 minute flight gave as aerial views of the Hollywood sign, Downtown LA, Dodgers Stadium, Universal Studios, and Griffith Observatory. Though we took the sunset "Welcome to Hollywood" tour, there are also great reviews of the Night Sky Experience and the LA experience. The 60 minute flight allows you to see all the above plus Santa Monica, the Pacific Ocean, Malibu Hills, Calabasas (oooh Kardashians!), and the mountains. Highly recommend these flight tours!

Also... shhh! (There's a Groupon which makes this place VERY affordable for college students like us!)

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