About Us


Mandri (M)

Mandri is a true LA girl, born and raised - besides the born and the raised part. She's actually from Arizona, but she's having a blast exploring her new home. Her goal is to one day become an entertainment lawyer, but meanwhile, she's entertaining herself with this website, and by pursuing an undergraduate degree in English and History at UCLA. She is an avid cook, baker, and foodie. Her heart is made of gold, or - for those of us who have our values in proper order - pasta. She dedicates herself to all she pursues, so if you've hit guac bottom looking for cool places to explore in LA, you know she won't let you down with some a-peel-ing options. 


Kseniya (Kes)

 Kes is a surfer from San Diego, at least that's what she keeps telling everyone. She's only actually had one surfing lesson. But, she needs to find a mode of stress-relief when she's a big-time Corporate lawyer, so it's good she's figuring out some hobbies. She loves all things healthy, like the true Cali girl she is. She eats like a bunny, and can quote any Dwight line from "The Office". Not only does she love all things aesthetic and brunches with M, she also loves running at the ungodly hour that is 5 AM. Catch her in your Cogsci classes @ UCLA. 


Christine (Chris)

Chris is a LA girl through and through. She's even born in the heart of LA - DTLA. She can drive through rush hour while simultaneously eating a salad,rapping to Cardi B, and balancing plates on her head. I'm not sure if she's ever tried the last one, but we have complete faith that she could do it if she wanted. She's that talented. Chris loves kids, any type of food, photography, and making money moves all through LA. If you ever need a ride to DTLA at 3 AM, chances are that Chris is already on her way there. We're so excited that she's joined the Millenial Pink LA team as our resident photographer!